While on placements I was able to teach a lesson with each of the students creating their own Wordle. It was great to see how enthusiastic and focused they were while using the program and also how quickly they picked up how to use it and edit their wordle. The Wordles they created weren’t fancy all they did was enter their spelling words for the week including a range of other words to do with book week and literacy. The one thing that I found frustrating while using Wordle in the classroom is you are not able to save the image onto your own computer straight from the website. The students weren’t able to print straight from the lab they were in so I had to teach them how to print screen and got all the students to save their image in paint. All the students were able to do this though it took a bit of time.

I do love using Wordle though so just because I can I have included a Wordle using the words from one of my blogs

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