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This post is a bit late this week, I have been a very busy with placements and assignments.

It has been interesting to see in my placements the use of technology after learning many different programs and uses in the classroom. I was excited to see when I arrived that the preps at the school all have ipads. After talking to the prep teacher she explained the kids pick up using the ipads really quickly and love to use them. At the moment in the classroom the apps are mainly used to develop literacy and maths.

It was also interesting to see how a teacher used their own personal ipad. The sport teacher actually used her ipad for assessment as she was able to take video of students completing certain activities which she would later have to assess. This was really interesting as it is a quick and easy way to keep a record. It could also be used in the classroom to quickly take notes that would be easily transferred into reports as it is already electronic.

After seeing the use of ipads in the school I think it is a great resource for students and also the teacher to use.

Caisha 🙂

4 thoughts on “Placements – Technology I Have Seen

  1. wow, this sounds very cool! i love the idea of iPads in the classroom because I really think it engages the students and gets them involved. do they ever play up with them? by playing games and the such in class?

  2. Much like Kelly (above) I love the idea of iPads in schools. It is a matter of getting the right Apps and making sure they are used when appropriate – not just all the time.
    I was very interested to read about how the PE teacher used it for assessment. I can’t imagine how hard it would be for PE teachers to remember how good/bad someone’s technique is when they are writing up reports. If only the pictures taken could be put in the report! That said, these pictures could be put up in the PE noticeboard or elsewhere around the school to encourage others to get actively involved.
    I wonder, were there any particular apps you liked for literacy and numeracy? Did you see any good ones for assessment?

  3. I had a quick play on it myself quickly so I only saw one good app but unfortunately it wasn’t used in the class for literacy. You could record your voice along with a picture which I thought would be great for kids to retell stories in their own words using images from a picture book or that they have drawn. I can’t remember the app name unfortunately. I will be hopefully getting a chance soon to go into a prep class and observe how the ipads are used so I should be able to report more about the apps I see used then 🙂

  4. I’ve seen videos of preps using it and it amazes me. They’re so quick with it changing through Apps etc. And so adorable!

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